Gluten Free Calamari

Put your hand up if you love calamari! We love the stuff, and here’s my gluten free version; quick, simple and easy to rustle up straight after school… Which usually results in a very quiet dinner time in our house because everyone’s busy munching and making sure they don’t snooze (to lose!) Give it a go for a massive wow factor for very little effort.


1 packet frozen squid, slice those little darlings and their tails (I usually soak them and drain them in water – then blot with paper towels)
60g gluten free self raising flour
1 tablespoon salt / fleur de sel
Lots of crushed black pepper
1 tablespoon chives (because personally, I am an addict)
1 tablespoon dried garlic / powder
Sunflower oil for frying in a wok / deep pan


In a large bowl mix the flour with all herbs and spices
Add the chopped squid
Fry in sunflower oil in batches of 5 (depending on big your wok is) for 1 minute, until they turn brown
Drain on a paper towel
Serve with fresh lemon and enjoy!

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